Southern California's most exciting scuba company!

Private local trips

Do you have your dream So-Cal dive trip, but have never seen anyone offering it? Let us take you there! 

We are open to customized trips to fit your needs. Contact us and we'll help plan the details!

So-Cal Wrecks

As you decent into the depths it slowly takes shape….. What once sailed out oceans and in some cases defended a nation is there for us to explore and the sea to claim as a reef. 

Wreck trips are some our favorites at ADC and the wrecks stories are told on each dive.

Shark diving

The apex predator, not to be feared, instead to marvel in it's beauty.

We offer trips to observe Mako, Blue, Seven Gill, Leopard, Horn, and if we're very fortunate White sharks. We don't stop at the dives, we educate our divers on the need for the conservation of this apex predator.

Local Reef dives

See local reefs and kelp forests that are either inaccessible from shore or are just to much of a challenge to get to from shore.

Hunting trips

No matter if you are on SCUBA or are a free-diver, at ADC we practice responsible and safe spear fishing and lobster diving trips. We also will provide the training to make you a certified Underwater Hunter.

Oil-rig Dives

Out in the blue is an unlikely oasis. Under the man-made structure is an under water safe haven for sea life. These blue water dives are spectacular, but solid buoyancy skills are a must.