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At Adrenaline Dive Company Inc. we will bring you the safest, but most exciting SCUBA diving trips, instruction, moto, and wake water sports in Southern California. Check out Adrenaline Dive Company Inc. SCUBA diving trips and Adrenaline Dive Company inc. SCUBA diving instruction.

certified trainers

Our staff of certified SCUBA instructors can help you move from novice to advanced skills, keeping you safe all along the way. Classes are always running, so sign up today.



it all started with one dive

I am fortunate to be surrounded at ADC with people that share the same passion for the ocean I have. We have the support of our families, (also divers). The need to share with people the experiences that diving has provided us, and the knowledge and skill to get there safely. Come out and DIVE!

Joshua Sprinkle,  founder

  • Beginner SCUBA certification
  • Deep-dive SCUBA classes
  • Excursions off the California coast
  • Customized private trips
  • Shark diving trips
  • Wreck diving trips
  • SCUBA gear and equipment rental
  • Travel services
  • ADC only specialty certification classes
  • Instructor certification
  • Wakeboard and wake surf classes
  •  Underwater Hunting certification classes

july 17th - 26th, 2015

Fiji trip of a lifetime! Contact Josh for details!

On going year round

Beginner SCUBA class. Registration required.

Shark Trips

August  2 & 3

August 16 & 17

September 13 & 14

Wreck Alley

April 26 & 27

July 12 & 13

October 11 & 12